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At present, due to the improvement of monitoring technology level and data acquisition capability in China, it is particularly important that whether the display terminal can accurately present the collected data on the display screen.

The seamless splicing method of LED display screen is analyzed | Enbon LED Display Manufacture

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Aug, 30 2023

At present, due to the improvement of monitoring technology level and data acquisition capability in China, it is particularly important that whether the display terminal can accurately present the collected data on the display screen, which is directly related to the rationality of decisions made by superior departments. In order to meet the market demand, the display terminal technicians have improved the existing technology to make it develop in the direction of seamless and high-definition.Seamless splicing is a special and demanding projection display application. It can realize the fusion of multi screen images, minimize the splicing seam, and achieve perfect splicing effect. The seamless steel pipe splicing technology not only requires a full screen, but also has special requirements for the projection of a large screen. The biggest difference between seamless steel pipe and BSV liquid crystal splicing technology is that the gap is small.

Repair the visual defects of segmented image mosaic

In view of the large screen splicing system in China at this stage, many displays still have many seams when used. For example, the gap of LCD splicing system is too large to meet the needs of users; Plasma has more advantages than backprojection large screen splicing system, but from the perspective of visual effect, there are still many segmentation lines. Even the application of LCD, DLP, PDP and other technologies in the project can only make the gap smaller and cannot be completely eliminated. And the seamless LED splicing technology can completely solve the problem of screen segmentation and achieve the requirements of complete seamless.Through the seamless LED splicing technology, the resolution of the small area screen can be improved, ensuring the texture of the picture, and meeting the user's demand for close viewing. Compared with the existing splicing technology, LED physical seamless splicing can be displayed across screens. As far as abutted joints are concerned, the level is not the size of the gap, but whether there is a gap.

Eliminate inconsistent brightness and chromaticity attenuation of large screen splicing

The use of seamless LED technology can effectively solve the problem of inconsistent brightness and chromaticity attenuation when splicing large screens. The technology generally adopts point by point brightness and chromaticity correction technology, thus ensuring the unity of brightness and chromaticity. For example, the application of point control technology creates a platform for users to correct chromaticity and brightness point by point, and controls the pixels of the screen to achieve a high degree of image restoration. This technology has SMS and E-mail prompt functions at the same time, allowing users to grasp the status information of the splicing wall in a timely manner.

Dense display control platform

The intensive display and control platform is used for seamless LED technology, which ensures the reliability of monitoring video sources, establishes a management platform for customers, and effectively realizes the management of video signals, computer signals, and network signals, providing users with better services.

Redundant backup design of strong power signal

Through the design of seamless LED system, the redundancy of backup power supply and signal can reduce the problems in use.

Long service life, simple maintenance, extremely low cost

The life of LED display is longer than that of ordinary display, and its maintenance and repair costs are relatively low.

Extra large angle, ultra-high contrast, ultra-high refresh rate

The project provides a greater viewing angle and prevents reflection. When shooting, the picture state is relatively stable, and the picture should be dynamically displayed, with clear edges and good dynamic expression, so that the image information is accurate and restored. It makes the video screen delicate and smooth, bringing maximum visual enjoyment. In addition, it is particularly pointed out that the LED screen has excellent brightness uniformity, which can be achieved by single point brightness correction.

In a word, jointless technology is another significant leap in the LED display industry. It solves the seamless splicing defects that other display devices cannot complete on the whole, and also realizes great progress in energy conservation, environmental protection, intensification, and improving service life.