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Today, we're going to introduce several factors that affect the lifespan of an LED Display Screen, we have listed several factors as following: A. Ambient Temperature and Heat Dissipation.

What factors will affect lifespan of an LED Display Screen? | Enbon LED Display Manufacture

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Aug, 29 2023

Today, we're going to introduce several factors that affect the lifespan of an LED Display Screen, we have listed several factors as following:

A. Ambient Temperature and Heat Dissipation

The power consumption of an indoor LED display can be different from the power consumption of an outdoor LED display. This is largely due to the difference in ambient temperature. Higher ambient temperature can increase the working temperature of an LED display. If the issue is prolonged, high temperature can reduce the lifespan of internal components. If overheating occurs, it can cause malfunction or failure of the device. There are many ways in achieving effective heat dissipation. Fans or air conditioners can be installed to help to dissipate heat faster. Besides, surface radiation treatment can apply the radiation paint on the heat sink and the outer shell of the LED display. It can help to cool down the surface via heat radiation.

B. Power Supply Every single electronic device has its own recommended power requirement. An LED display is also including on these electronic devices. A well-tuned configuration and installation can help to maximize the power output without affecting the display's lifespan. Thus, it is extremely important for any business to seek professional advice from a trustworthy LED display solution provider which with high quality power supply.

How to maintain a LED Display Screen? | Enbon 2022/08/20 Like traditional electronic products, we need to be careful about the operation and the maintenance of large screens of LED displays, in order to ensure it long service life. We have listed several ways on how to maintain your display.

1) The power source should be stable and well-grounded. Don't use in harsh environments, especially that with thunder and lightning.
2) Keep the humidity of the environment in which the LED large screen is used. Don't let anything with the nature of humidity enter your full-color LED screen. Energizing the large screen of full-color LED displays with high humidity will corrode the components, thus causing permanent damage. So learn more about if the led screen got wet.
3) In the low-level protection, especially for outdoor full-color LED displays, dust will enter the equipment through vents, which will increasingly wear the equipment away and even damage the fan and other parts. Dust will fall on the surface of the internal control device, reducing the thermal conductivity and insulation performance. Dust will absorb the moisture in the air in humid weather and cause a short circuit. Dust can make printed circuit boards and electronic components moldy for a long time, resulting in decreased performance and equipment failure. Therefore, the cleaning of LED displays though seems to be simple, it is actually an important part of the maintenance. The surface of the large screen of LED displays can be scrubbed with alcohol. You can also use a brush or dust collector to dedust, but don't scrub directly with a wet cloth. If you plan to clean the surface of modules, scrub gently with a soft brush. It is forbidden to use any liquid substance to clean the surface of LED modules, or LED bulbs may be damaged; Scrub the screen as lightly as possible to minimize the possibility of damage.
4) It is recommended to rest the large screen of LED displays for more than 2 hours a day. During the plum rain season, use the screen at least once a week. Generally, turn on the screen at least once a month, lasting for no less than 2 hours.