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    In recent years, LED display screen is more and more welcomed by organizations and institutions because of its strong visual impact and far-reaching impact on users.

Top 10 application scenarios of indoor LED display | Enbon LED Display Manufacture

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Sep, 06 2023

In recent years, LED display screen is more and more welcomed by organizations and institutions because of its strong visual impact and far-reaching impact on users. As a powerful digital media, LED display screen promotes brands and products for enterprises with outdoor advertising solutions and content, which is one of its most common applications in China. Compared with outdoor LED screens, indoor LED screens are relatively small in size, and are designed for shops and enterprises with large window displays and organizations that want to achieve certain display goals. The main goal of most enterprises is to attract a large number of customers and link their names with the services they provide in the eyes of potential customers. The best way to build a business image that can be deeply rooted in people's hearts is through advertising, and the LED screen used for indoor advertising can become the perfect tool for your advertising strategy. However, the LED display not only plays the role of advertising, promotion and decoration to help enterprises achieve real-time business growth, but also can easily reach a large number of audiences in different scenarios. The following article will show you the top ten applications of domestic indoor LED display.

1. Indoor shop
Some indoor shops in the mall have large windows at the entrance of the shops to display product characteristics or brand image. LED screens for indoor advertisements are usually placed here to increase exposure and attract potential users. Such LED screens for indoor stores require high-quality images and natural colors, as well as energy efficiency to reduce the cost of the store. In addition, flexible LED screens are installed on top of different shelves in the store to display product prices, promotions or other details. This indoor LED display should be flexible in size and have a certain degree of curvature according to the design of the shelf.

2. Entertainment place LED display screen is widely used in bars, KTV, nightclubs and other indoor entertainment places. Bars and nightclubs are places to mobilize customers' emotions according to different themes and different atmospheres; Therefore, ceiling LED display is required for entertainment places to create a cheerful and exciting atmosphere. In addition, the indoor LED screen can be seen on the bar to display product information. As customers have high requirements for entertainment experience, entertainment places prefer indoor LED display screens with high quality and smooth images.

3. Restaurant Most restaurants have a large indoor LED display screen on the order table to display dishes or promotional products. The indoor LED display screen of the restaurant requires large size and high brightness, so that customers sitting far away can see the contents on the display screen.

4. Hotel lobby and resort hotel lobby A large indoor LED display screen is set above the front desk to display the current occupancy of hotel rooms and announce the precautions. In addition, LED screens are installed on the walls around the hotel lobby to display current events or promotions of the hotel and resort. In this case, the LED screens of hotels and resorts need to be of medium size, energy-saving, and clear and smooth images.

5. Indoor arena Indoor venues will generally set a circle of LED fence display screens around the venues to display advertisements or current events. In addition, the center of the venue or the center of the audience area is usually equipped with four LED displays to display the competition, the moment of the event or the reaction of the audience. The indoor LED screen of sports venues requires large size, which can display high-quality video or images in real-time and smoothly, providing the audience with an immersive viewing experience.

6. Indoor advertising and film shooting For some virtual scenes shot in movies and advertisements, the traditional way of taking the green screen as the background requires cumbersome post production, which undoubtedly increases the production and time costs. However, as the advantages of LED screen in film and advertisement shooting gradually appear, more and more film and television companies prefer to make LED screen background instead of green screen for virtual scene shooting to reduce post-processing costs. The virtual led wall requires large size, high brightness, high definition image quality and natural color to meet the high requirements of film and television production.

7. Church Some churches hold mass gatherings regularly. For large churches, LED screens need to be installed in front of the podium and around the church walls to display the contents of activities and meetings, so that the congregation sitting behind can clearly understand the contents and progress. In addition, some churches also undertake wedding activities, requiring churches to be equipped with ceiling mounted LED screens to create a festive atmosphere. The LED screen of the church is the same as the above scene, presenting high-quality images and saving energy.

8. Bank There is a large LED display screen above the business processing counters of major banks, which can display the current business processing progress or broadcast information to customers. The LED screen in the bank room is mainly used to display text, and the image quality is not strict.

9. Hospital The coverage rate of indoor LED display screen will be very high, because each functional area of some hospitals in the United States, such as registration area, nurse station and drug collection area, needs an indoor LED screen to display patient related information and issue emergency announcements. The LED screen used in the hospital is the same as that used in the bank. It mainly displays text and does not require high image quality.

10. School Compared with some profitable indoor places, school LED screens are mainly used for publicity and education of events, undertakings or activities. In addition, the school also holds large-scale activities or organizes large-scale meetings in the indoor gymnasium or auditorium, requiring the school administrator to install LED screens, which are the same as the indoor LEDs required by the indoor gymnasium and church.

The indoor LED display has a variety of application scenarios, far exceeding the 10 scenarios listed above. In fact, it can be used anywhere in the room where the display screen is needed.