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If you don't know whether it's better to buy a projector or an LED display, then this next article will take you to know whether it's better to have an LED display or a projection?And through this article you can also know the pros and cons of both.

Which is better, LED display or Projection?Enbon will tell you the answer|Enbon LED Display Manufacture

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Sep, 15 2023
In fact, LED display and projection as indoor two main display screen advantages and disadvantages are very obvious, through the effect of comparison we can find that the projection and LED screen in the display effect has obvious differences, such as the advantages of the projection is mainly in the price is cheap, easy to install, there is not much technical requirements, etc., but its shortcomings are also very obvious, such as the display effect is general, easy to reflect, etc., which Are related to its own technology. While the LED screen, although slightly more expensive, and installation requires technical guidance, but its display is better, more clear and high brightness, while the screen size can be customised in accordance with customer demand, in some large-area display occasions are more suitable for the user can freely design the screen size, and projection of the curtain are fixed. So we can judge according to the advantages and disadvantages of each with LED screen or projection.

First,the advantages and disadvantages of projection

1, the price is cheap
The price of a projector may be in the thousands of dollars, a good few thousand dollars or so, and the LED display according to the size of the point spacing more than ten thousand yuan, basically hundreds of thousands of yuan, the difference from the price is still relatively large, this relates to our overall budget range.
2, simple installation
Projector consists of two parts, one is the curtain usually hang directly on the wall, the second is the projector, it can be suspended in the house item or flat on the desktop, relatively speaking, the installation is much simpler, do not need professional installation. The LED display higher degree of professionalism, installation is more complex, a little careless will break the lamp beads, so you need professional technical engineers to install and debugging to use.
3, no after-sales costs
Projector installation almost no after-sales costs, usually not bad, and LED display in the installation and use of the phenomenon of dead lights, then to maintain the overall display effect must be to repair the lamp beads welded, will incur certain costs.
So, whether it is LED display or projector they have their own prices, but also has its own application space, although now more and more LED display with the trend of replacing the projector, but many users with less budget will still choose projection. The same LD display in the display effect and function is more powerful, and also can achieve network connection and other equipment connected to use, more intelligent, but also more in line with modern users for the pursuit of large-screen display products, so the application of LED display exhibition will be more and more.

1, the display effect is general
For example, reflections are serious, not clear enough, low contrast, small screen, etc., the biggest disadvantage of projection is the display effect, because of its low resolution, so the screen display is not clear enough, there will be the feeling of the flower screen!
2, low brightness
If you open, the lights or windows will have obvious reflections, affecting the viewing effect, and secondly, its screen colour saturation in general, the colour is not fine enough, not beautiful enough!
3、Size fixed
The size of the projection is fixed, can not be installed with the size of the space and zoom in or out, especially for some large area display occasions can not be freely enlarged, affecting the viewing experience.

Sscond,the advantages and disadvantages of LED screen

1, the screen is brighter
LED display screen brightness is very high, from its use in outdoor environments can be learnt, its brightness can meet the direct sunlight in the case of normal display, so in the indoor display of this advantage is more obvious, no matter there is a light or light and other lighting occasions, 1 display show can ensure that the non-reflective, normal display content. And the projector in this case screen base will be obviously white, need to close or even pull the curtain effect is better.
2, better clarity
Usually used in indoor LED display are used in some small-pitch products, so the resolution is guaranteed, the clarity can reach the requirements of high-definition display, the same display a screen, LED display is more clear, while the projector will be more fuzzy, there is the phenomenon of flower screen.
3, more colourful, better contrast
LED display has a wider colour scale and higher contrast ratio, so the colour of the screen is more rich when displaying the content, while the projector will obviously feel the colour is lighter and the contrast between light and dark is not strong.

1, the price is slightly expensive
Compared with the projection, the price of the LED screen is a little more expensive, especially some high-end small pitch products, the price may be several times that of the projection
2, there are certain technical requirements
LED screen installation and use of certain technical requirements, the need for training and use
3、The situation of dead lights
LED screens have a dead light situation, leading to it in the later use of after-sales situation, to a certain extent, will also increase the cost and after-sales rate.

LED display and projector which is better?

Now many corporate meetings in the projection and LED screen with very much, as for the advantages and disadvantages is mainly reflected in the above aspects, after all, this is two completely different display technology, through the comparison we will be able to know, when to use the projection, when to use the LED screen.
In some indoor conference display, the projector is more commonly used, and the LED display as a better display effect of the product with more and more, the difference between them is still very obvious. If from the display effect, LED display in the resolution, brightness and colour contrast performance is better than the projector, but the projector is cheaper, easier to install, less after-sales service, so the LED display and projection are each advantage, each has its own disadvantage, there is no which one is good which one is not good to say, so which one is still to be used according to their own situation and the need to display to decide, if more in pursuit of display effect then the LED display is also more and more used, the difference between them is still very obvious. Decide, if you are more in pursuit of the display effect then the LED display is more appropriate, if the budget is low then the projector is better.