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A new and creative type of LED screen product is the spherical LED display. This display technology is also known as LED ball display or LED video ball. As the name of this display clears the shape.

The structural composition and advantages of spherical LED display | Enbon LED Display Manufacture

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Aug, 30 2023

A new and creative type of LED screen product is the spherical LED display. This display technology is also known as LED ball display or LED video ball. As the name of this display clears the shape. It is designed in a spherical shape with a 360-degree viewing angle. So, one can easily enjoy the content from all directions.

Its structure is different from conventional LED displays. This LED ball display has a unique 360-degree circular appearance. Many business owners invest in this technology because of its unique design.

So, the physical appearance is simple, but the method of control is slightly tricky. It would be best if you had suitable software and technique for it. This guide will explain the structure of spherical LED displays in a detailed manner. Let's delve into the depth of each component of the spherical display.

Structure of Spherical LED display

The spherical LED display system is mainly composed of the following components:
● LED display system.
● Video processing system.
● Video transmission system.
● Mechanical structure components.
● Distributed power supply etc.
1. Mechanical Structure of Spherical LED Display
The LED ball display consists of 2 parts:
● Rotating
● Stationary

The control signals are continuously transferred into the rotating lines of LEDs. Sometimes the stationary part is used to support the electronic controlling system. In this situation, control pulses are sent through the rotating connector. But this construction configuration is complex and increases the dimension of the device.

So, it is best to place the electronic controlling system on the rotating part of the display. Power is supplied through a rotating connector. PCB is the main component of the rotating part of the display. It is mounted on the axis that has contact with the rotating connector. Multiple moving boxes are used to design and manufacture spherical LED displays. Each box has a separate manipulator and plays different videos or pictures etc.

Sometimes each box is combined into a whole LED video sphere to play the same content etc. During the stretching position. It shows blooming styles. While it becomes a sphere when it shrinks. So, the design of spherical LED displays is flexible. Its visual impact is stunning. Its bright colors and beautiful appearance attract the attention of people quickly. Manufacture design this product with many features such as:

● Energy saving and environmental protection.
● Low-carbon earth and lots more!
2. Video Processing
First, it is essential to understand the function of a video processor. Its primary purpose is to convert an image signal into a signal that the LED screen accepts.
Now it's time to learn how an LED video processor completes the display of a light-emitting diode screen.
● Video processing completes the conversion format between the different types of signals.
● It can manage various signals.
● The video processor can scale the image.
● The Video processor outputs the picture at any size and maps the whole desktop to the LED screen.
● It can modify the quality of the image.
● The video process enhances the details of the image.
● A high-quality light emitting diode video processor improves the quality of the picture.
● The video processor is splicing to drive large-resolution.
● Video process can do many other a lot of work such as image processing and analysis, codec compression, etc.
Besides these, a video processor is needed to have an image adjustment, brightness, contrast, etc. It ensures that the output picture has no color distortion and clear.
3. Distributed Power

It is essential to know the different truths about conventional power distribution.
It is basically designed to save power cables and connectors. Follow the below-mentioned steps to check the power distribution.
● Metering of voltages before the main breaker( power supply) to authorize you to find all is perfect.
● Included neutral current, check the all incoming currents.

The weak or lost neutral connection is the reason for over-voltage.
● Many systems utilize voltage monitoring relays.

They believe it will offer good protection, but it is not valid.
● These relays are basically designed for the protection of electric motors.
● You can quickly get knowledge about how much current is being drawn on every single channel through proactive load monitoring.
So, spherical LED displays are a reliable technology that is recognized all over the globe. It produces high-quality images and videos. One of this technology's best features is offering less power consumption. It is an environmentally friendly product that doesn't cause pollution in the atmosphere. All of us want to invest for long-term purposes, and fortunately, spherical LED displays offer a long lifetime. So, it is cost-effective and energy efficient.

Enbon: Spherical LED Display Supplier

The image display on the Enbon spherical display screen has no image distortion. Our product can quickly attract the attention of the public. Most of the time, this display technology hangs inside shopping malls. You can also use it for significant public places to grab the attention of visitors, such as museums, halls, various scientific projects, etc.
Enbon spherical LED displays produce fascinating images and videos. Now the question is, why did you choose Enbon products? Well, our LED spherical display screens have the following characteristics:
● Wide viewing angle
● Unique appearance
● Customizable
● Easy to install and maintain
Our spherical LED display is available in different pixel pitches. So, you can choose according to your choice. To learn more about our brand, you can visit our site. You can also contact us freely!
The Bottom Line

Hopefully, this updated guide increases your knowledge about the different components of spherical LED displays. This display technology has a strong visual impact and high safety factor. Moreover, there is no viewing angle problem. Professional audio and video processing systems support a variety of signals.

According to the customer's requirement, the spherical screen's diameter is designed. The installation process is easy. It also has good heat dissipation. Different shapes and models and models are available in the market with water-proof quality. Furthermore, the module size ensures the uniformity of the whole curvature of the spherical LED display!