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Many people use the LED-based display screen for advertising. It makes the place more attractive and beautiful with the help of different colors. As we all know, behind a beautiful view, there are many components involved to make it more elegant.

All components necessary for the overall structure of the LED display| Enbon LED Display Manufacture

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Aug, 30 2023

Many people use the LED-based display screen for advertising. It makes the place more attractive and beautiful with the help of different colors. As we all know, behind a beautiful view, there are many components involved to make it more elegant. Same as a large LED object is made up of different small components. This article will discuss all the components that make the whole structure of LED displays. Let's start to discuss the details of each component of the LED display.

4 Necessary Components of LED Display
In this modern age, LED displays are part of many business holders' lives to make their businesses more successful. Now the question is what components are required to make the screen display. Below we have elaborated on the four basic components of LED display.

1. Unit Board of LED Display
A simple and basic component of any LED display is Unit Board. It is one of the main components. Basically, this unit is composed of an LED module, a driver chip, and a printed circuit board. Most of the users have no idea about the LED unit board. It is a LED module that is made for many LED luminous spots encapsulated with the help of a plastic field array.

2. LED Wires

The main purpose of the wire is to provide electricity. LED wires are based on data line transmission lines and also have power lines. The data line is a flat cable. It is specifically used to connect with a control card and also with an LED unit board. And the transmission is mainly used to connect with computers and control cards.
The power lines are very easy to understand, and the main purpose is to connect the LED display with the power source and other components like contact cards and LED unit boards. To connect the unit board, it is necessary there is a copper core wire, and it couldn't be less than 1mm.

The flat cable is the same as a data line in the company case. But there is a little bit of difference in the width of the wire. To manufacture the flat cable, specific piler is required. It increases performance and also increases production effectively.

The material used to produce flat cable includes components like cables, cable heads, and cable caps. It all depends on what kind of size you want. Like if you are making a 16-pin flat cable, you need to buy the components according to the requirement. In this case, you need to buy a cable head cable cap that has a corresponding size for a 16-pin flat cable.

Steps to make cable:
1. Cut the flat cable with the help of scissors.
2. Connect the first cable head ( while you are placing the head, keep in your mind the balance between cable head and cable ).
3. Put the cable in the center of the crimping pliers.
4. Press it very well and firmly.
5. Wind the cable around it.
6. And install the cable cap very well.

While installing the cable cap, keep in mind it is very important and does well. Because it protects the flat cable, keeps it tight, and makes it stronger. We can't miss that because, with the cap, the cable is not able to work properly.

3. LED Display Power Source

To glow, the LED Display power is the main source. It plays a magnificent role in the glow of LEDs. According to research and studies, 80% of breakdown occurs due to improper power sources. The product depends on the quality. Customers need to consider the quality and standard of the product while choosing. If you are unfamiliar with the quality, choose the branded products for long-term use.

Let us Guide You About Quality:
1. While choosing the power source, consider the power source with a good appearance that ensures the uniformity of the power components array is excellent.
2. Consider the efficiency of the power source. A good quality product will be a power-saver and decrease your consumption of electricity. While the power source is fully loaded, the efficiency is very important; it must be higher than 80%. A good efficient power source, the less active power input will be.
3. PFC value also plays a key role in efficiency. PF value without PFC function may be lower than 0.6. A low PF is very harmful. It increases reactive power and causes high power loss.
4. Ensure good stability while using the Power source because of an instability effect on the LED display. The low-quality product can increase the power source temperature. The power source with good quality has a low ripple and raises the temperature at a low level.

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4. Control card For Display
While choosing the control card, consider a bar-screen variant. Its cost is relatively low. It also belongs to the asynchronous card. The main function of this card stick is to save information after losing power from the power source. It is very easy to use for all kinds of users. The bar-screen control card is eligible for the dual color screen of ⅙ scan and 256*16 dots. It can also be used to assemble the most cost-effective LED display. To play this card, you don't need any kind of PC. It can show stored information.
v The Bottom Line
Hopefully, this informative guide increases your knowledge. All of the components mentioned above decide the quality of the LED display screen. So, it is important to get detailed knowledge about each component before purchasing a display screen. It is also a wonderful strategy to ensure the quality of the product. Always invest in the product whose manufacturer gives the guarantee of good performance of the display screen.