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Outdoor Mall Solutions

Enbon Outdoor Shopping Mall, Shopping Center,
Supermarket LED Ultra Clear Display Solution

Three Advantages

  • Convenient

  • High Definition

  • Waterproof

lightweight cabinet, hard link, modules are not divided into left and right sides, easy to install and maintain, time-saving and labor-saving

High definition and contrast: better display effect, bright colors, and vivid images

Waterproof grade: IP65~IP67, working temperature -20~+65 ℃, no rainstorm and high temperature

Multiple Application Scenarios

The Enbon outdoor shopping mall display solution can be applied
to commercial areas such as shopping malls, shopping centers, supermarkets,
and shopping streets to achieve maximum browsing volume

Multiple application

Product Recommendation

Outdoor Highlight Series

FC Pro Model

Enbon's FC Pro Model ultra-thin waterproof outdoor fixed HD LED electronic display specifications and other details | Enbon LED Display Manufacturer

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