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Outdoor Naked
Eye 3D Solution

Enbon's naked eye 3D outdoor display solution features high-definition,
high contrast, and distinct color layers,
providing an immersive visual experience!

Three Advantages

  • Convenient

  • High Definition

  • Waterproof

lightweight cabinet, hard link, modules are not divided into left and right sides, easy to install and maintain, time-saving and labor-saving

High definition and contrast: better display effect, bright colors, and vivid images

Waterproof grade: IP65~IP67, working temperature -20~+65 ℃, no rainstorm and high temperature

Sample Image Sample Image

Immersive Visual

Multiple application

Product Recommendation

Outdoor Highlight Series

FC Pro Model

Enbon's FC Pro Model ultra-thin waterproof outdoor fixed HD LED electronic display specifications and other details | Enbon LED Display Manufacturer

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